From the recording Never Surrender


Never Surrender lyrics and music by evan greer evan - guitars, vocals jory leanza-carey - bass, vocals ben lucal - drums mimi lavalley - vocals dave scandurra - tamborine rachel arnold - cello chorus - vocals
it's been raining for a couple of days now and my dad's pond is overflowing the orange fish are at the back door the toxic flood-water is glowing and we shake our heads and get in the car forget those things we said making love under the stars stars i go back and forth daily about us-and-them and who's really to blame but i think it's pretty clear who has got the most to gain from a divided up society that's terrified of honesty and we can't discern our enemies so we give them our complicity they make beer, and we buy it they make cars, and we drive them they build walls, we just give in they build boxes that we live in they make gods for us to pray to jobs to give our days to binaries of gender but they can't have our surrender we look at the world around us and everything we see is crazy so we drink and we smoke and we watch the tv they say "don't take your life so seriously" i say this is the only way i know how to be ‘cause we need passion not fashion we need food not lawns we need action not factions we need everyone here to be singing along we need stories not glory we need friends not fans we need guitars not rock stars we need more than just loud drunk straight white male punk bands let's destroy out of love and build out of anger get our heads out of our asses and see our lives are in danger because the world as we know it is not gonna last forever and these could be the last days so lets spend them together and let's never surrender