evan - guitar, vocals taina asili - vocals ( ben lucal - drums jory leanza-carey - bass ( there are animals in cages with no room to turn around being sent off to the slaughter and sold off by the pound and there are people locked in prisons where the outcome's much the same they get death for their convictions they get numbers for a name there are women kept in houses full of mirrors and TV forced to fear their drunken fathers and throw up the things they eat and the same men who grab them while they're walking down the street rip their profits and their pleasure from the earth beneath our feet have you ever seen the eyes of a soul that's occupied? have you ever had to face a creature living in a cage? have you tasted their flesh or drank their fear? have you ever seen their eyes? there are fences high in belfast where the working class divides the priests play with politicians while the poor folks fight and die and the lower twenty-six you know are also occupied by sexism and heroin and neoliberal lies there are children born at checkpoints who throw stones against the tanks they play games amongst the rubble till the glass in their eyes breaks and with this concrete wall between them there's no human face at all another bus is blown to pieces as the martyr heeds the call have you ever seen the eyes of a soul that's occupied? do you know what has to die just to make the things we buy? do you reap the products of their lives? have you ever seen their eyes? can't you see it's all the same? making profit out of pain rape and torture are the norm in prison and factory farms occupation genocide out of sight and out of mind would you still live this life of lies if you had to look them in the eyes? have you ever seen their eyes?