evan - guitar and vocals anne feeney - vocals ( sohrob kazerounian - violin dave scandurra - percussion, vocals jory leanza-carey - kick drum, vocals chorus - vocals ¡ya basta! enough is enough ¡ya basta! enough is enough you ask why are we angry i say look at history the cause of all our troubles it is not a mystery there are those who's lives are easy there are those who's lives are rough now is the time for us to rise and cry out enough is enough borders enough nations enough corporate exploitation enough racist air pollution enough racist institutions. enough chains and enough cages enough starvation wages enough highways and gas stations enough control by corporations we won't take it anymore yeah, this is class war! we will fight you in the streets and we will dance on your defeat ¡ya basta! i swear to you there'll be a day when the melting pot will boil and you only bring us closer with each war you make for oil each union that you break and each ballot box you stuff brings us closer to the day when we will cry out enough is enough greedy politicians enough gender-role traditions enough hierarchies enough of living on our knees enough gouging of the planet enough destruction of the earth enough tearing of her flesh to see what the insides might be worth and all around the world the people are fighting back each day another shard of the system starts to crack in oaxaca and argentina, with our rage and with our love the people are all crying out enough is enough war and occupation enough propaganda stations enough enforced reality enough police brutality. enough nuclear arms and enough factory farms enough stolen women's choices enough silenced women's voices enough words have been said enough songs have been sung enough protests have been had enough banners have been hung we are many they are few there is so much we can do when we use what we have learned and fight them on our own terms because they need us and we don't need them it is our sweat and labor on which they all depend they need us to drive their trucks they need us to shine their crowns they need us to be the cops who beat our comrades down but what good are all their laws with no one to institute 'em and what good are all their guns if there's no one there to shoot 'em