evan - guitars, electric guitar, vocals ben lucal - drums jory leanza-carey - bass, vocals ( seantel chamberlain - vocals ( dave scandurra - shaker chorus - vocals she's sittin in a bathroom stall with a marker in her hand scribbling down the words to her favorite song by her favorite band and she hopes someone will read them and maybe they'll understand how it feels to care so much it hurts to fight so hard you shake to love so intensely that it scares you to build so much that something breaks she knows that she's not the only one but sometimes it sure feels that way in a little college town in ohio so there's a song that she sings everyday i want something that's better than this. and i'm not sure exactly what it is but i think that we could build it if we try together and if we all sing... and 500 miles away, down I-70 there's a boy sitting in a room full of patches and pcp and the kids all drink the same beer and they talk about anarchy and he wonders if he's the only one who remembers what that used to mean and the punk-rock band plays on long into the night these days the kids with the empty eyes hardly even put up a fight and he watches as his friends give up and slowly start to die sticking needles in their arms because punk-rock boys never cry, and he sings and that very same night kids all across the earth felt lonely and confused frightened and unsure and we're trying to find one another through a system that keeps us apart to match the weapons that we hold in our fists with the passion that we carry in our hearts and we know it's gonna take a long time and we know that we'll fuck up along the way but i've got a feeling that we're winning as i hear more and more and more of us say