evan - guitar and vocals pat humphries and sandy o - vocals ( Afro DZ ak - trumpet (
the ticketseller’s terrified he'shaunted by his dreams of half-empty trains rolling out from New Orleans and the thousands who came begging but were harshly turned away how many of them died 'cause they could not afford to pay? with three days warning all the suburbs turned to ghost towns second cars left locked in driveways while in the city people drowned because they had no escape from the fury of the sea what happened here was murder not some simple tragedy. good morning america how did you get this way? averted eyes and centuries of chains here comes the story of the hurricane thousands dead in the city by the sea murdered by our greed in new orleans if you’re black then you’re a looter if you’re white you’re finding food i ask myself what i’d have done in any of their shoes? would i have thought about my neighbors in the other part of town would i know any of their names? would i have dared to stick around? you can blame the president or you can blame the sea but they were murdered by the culture of this economy murdered by our fear and our apathy they were murdered by you they were murdered by me we lay in your bed naked and we watched it on tv as the soldiers and the cops marched past the dead bodies they were only there protecting private property i felt sickened by the sight and sickened by my memory of the miles that i’d driven and the gasoline i’d had burned of the love songs that i’d written, and the money that i’d earned how can we go on living our lives the same way?