From the recording The Day all the Democrats Won


on the day all the democrats won did you sigh and say our work is done? did you feel at all angry or shocked that all your dreams could fit in a box? on the day that they took back the house did the homeless find shelter at last? was it one man who stole their dignity? or all those laws that the democrats passed? and on the day that they counted the votes did you drive your car to the polls? did you think that the wars would just end if we elected a few different men? when they told you this time things would change did you feel hopeful or mostly afraid? and what made you think it was true after the lies that the last ones told you? if you think this is how history's made that it was lincoln who freed all the slaves then why do you get out of bed if all of your heroes are dead? cuz on the day it comes tumbling down while they're weeping and stumbling around let's hope that we've built something new and that it started inside me and you cuz when the last gears have fallen to rust i'll be reaching for you through the dust there'll be no time to talk right or wrong we'll just wonder how it took so long because on the day nagasaki was bombed kids were singing this very same song