evan - guitar, electric guitar, vocals mimi - vocals ( ben - drums jory - bass, organ ( okay it's another day get up get dressed get ready to play the game cold coffee and a new cliche it's summer outside and i'm running out of things to blame past couple of months or so i've been feeling like i'm the only one here who cares depression has a tendency to come and go think it's gone turn around and it's right there lately i've seen everybody's looking down there must be something fascinating on the ground or are we just afraid to look each other in the eye what are we afraid to find it's just a couple more weeks til the school year ends i tell myself cross the calender brush and walk out the door i'm afraid to call my friends i'm afraid to do anything at all except sit and listen to the same three bands till you know em so well you think that maybe they're the friends that you lost when you disappeared inside of yourself and traded the warmth of holding hands for cold applause i think maybe i am coming out the other side guess this means that we're all gonna be all right oh i know that this shit will all return but just think how much we've learned