From the recording Even if the End is Near


evan - guitar and vocals erin ryan - vocals the view from our front porch changes every day they stack bricks on top of concrete and they haul the rest away we wake up every morning to the sound of their machines and i think i might go crazy without you lying next to me i am not ashamed of my sadness or my fear about where we are today and where we'll be in 50 years but it's you who keeps me sane who gives me hope who keeps me clear on why we should keep doing what we do even if the end is near sometimes the sunsets somewhat terrify me they're beautiful and colorful but not the way they used to be when the scariest statistics are racing through my head at least i know when you get home you'll tie me to the bed and i'll forget all about hopelessness and feel hopelessly in love for an instant i remember all the dreams i've ever had it's not escape, it's ecstasy it's never felt so right to me i have so much more hope now that there's someone here to fight with me cuz what the end has in store will be no match for you and i we're not afraid to be afraid or to just break down and cry and we may be overwhelmed but we won't be immobilized and together i think we can touch this world before we die