BREAKING: I just released the single from my new album "she/her/they/them," which drops April 5th on Don Giovanni Records. Check it out and pre-order the album here!

Hello friends! I'm Evan Greer and this is my website. I'm a queer activist singer/songwriter, organizer, parent, speaker, and workshop facilitator based in Boston. I tour around playing acoustic pop-punk anthems in union halls and gay bars, and occasionally write for The Guardian, Huffington Post, Time, and Newsweek. I also organize a monthly queer dance party in Boston called Break the Chains. I tour regularly and i'd love to come to your town, so get in touch!

In my other life, I'm the deputy director of Fight for the Future, helping save the Internet from governments and corporations that want to muck it up.

Keep in touch,
-Evan Greer

Twitter: @evan_greer